Copper River Outfitters

Copper River Outfitters Winter Hunts

Our area consists of three main valleys: the Copper River Valley, the Bulkley River Valley and the Telkwa River Valley. The lower- elevation valleys of the Bulkley and Telkwa rivers are home to some great mule deer hunting. Although the number of deer is not high, the quality of bucks is good. Deer as large as 180-200 have come from this area. Realistic expectations of clients should be deer in the 150-170s.

We take only 2 hunters per season and have paired this hunt with a lynx hunt with dogs. The lynx numbers here are good and if the snow conditions cooperate, the success rate is very high.

This hunt is great for a couple of friends who want to have fun chasing cats with dogs and searching for muleys in the peak of the rut. A great trophy addition to most fall hunts.


November 15 to 22